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Salt Management Plan

For more than 20 years, the Town has taken many proactive steps with regards to reducing the application of road salt as a de-icing agent, including pilot programs ranging from a "no salt use" practice to alternative de-icing agents.

As a result of these measures, Council adopted a salt management plan to provide a safe transportation network for all users, as well as to meeting Environment Canada's goal of managing and reducing the use of salt for winter maintenance. The plan, of which details an operational and procedural framework for ensuring that the Town minimizes the amount of road salt penetrating the environment during its use in winter maintenance operations, commits Richmond Hill to furthering its explorations of new approaches and technologies of salt reductions. It also ensures that road safety is not compromised. Richmond Hill's past initiatives in salt management placed the Town in a good position to meet Environment Canada's requirements based on safety, environmental protection and fiscal responsibility, among others.

Richmond Hill is committed to preserving its natural environment and enhancing the health and safety of the community by reducing the negative effects associated with road salt to the Town's fresh water lakes, natural water courses and the premature deterioration of municipal infrastructure.

Salt Management Plan [PDF]



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