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Private Swimming Lessons

AquaticsPrivate Swimming Lessons (3 years of age +)
Private swimming lessons (one participant & one instructor) are intended for participants who have repeated a level several times and provide an opportunity to focus on completing specific skills in order to move on to the next level. Private lessons are recommended for persons with special needs who are not comfortable in a group lesson environment. Due to the high demand on swimming lessons our first priority is to provide as many group lessons as possible. Private lessons are not available for Patrol or Bronze Levels.

Additional private swimming lesson times may be added as the session progresses and group classes with low enrolment are cancelled. For additional private lesson times check out RHeReg. Please note: To find additional private lesson times using RHeReg click on the Activities tab and do an Advanced Search. Once in the Advanced Search area, highlight the desired pool location, choose the dates you are looking for, type Private Swimming Lessons in the Keyword area and make sure the ‘Available for Registration Only’ box is checked off.

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons (3 years of age +)
For a semi-private lesson registrants must group together two children/adults who are at the same swimming level. Please register one participant for a private class then contact the Aquatic Coordinator at that pool and provide them with a registration form and payment for additional participant(s).The original private swimming lesson will then be changed to a semi-private swimming lesson.

Please refer to the current Community Recreation Guide for prices.

We strongly recommend you register over the Internet using RHeReg or via Touch Tone Registration (TTR) by calling (905) 771-7545. Registration forms [PDF] received by Mail, Fax or Drop-off will be processed randomly after TTR / Internet Registration opens.

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