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Inspection Stages - Large Buildings

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Inspection Stages – Large Buildings
(Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Assembly and Large Residential Projects)

Large buildings falling under Part 3 of the Code are subject to field review by professionals and are checked by Town inspectors during construction to ensure compliance with the Building Code. All buildings must pass a final inspection prior to being occupied.

With major construction projects, the first work to proceed is often the underground site services, which includes the storm and sanitary sewers, and the domestic water and fire services. These works are inspected by Town of Richmond Hill Plumbing Inspectors, prior to backfilling and may be completed in stages on large projects. The rest of the plumbing system, which includes the building drain, waste and venting system, the potable water system and the storm drainage system must be inspected in its entirety prior to being covered. Certain parts of these systems will also require testing. Please discuss these needs with the Plumbing Inspector, to ensure your readiness for inspection. Once the work is complete, a final inspection is required.

For non-housing type (Part 3) construction, the first stage of construction which is inspected by the Building Inspection group is referred to as the "Start-up" Inspection. This inspection should be arranged following the issuance of the building permit when the construction site-office is in operation and when the project is scheduled to commence. At this initial inspection, the assigned Building Inspector will review the building permit documents with the construction supervisor and based on the particular scope of the project, will advise of the stages of construction which will require inspection by the Building Inspector. For examples of mandatory inspection items for non-housing type projects refer to the following list:

Inspection Stages
  1. Footings (prior to placement of concrete)
  2. Lateral Sewers & Water (prior to backfill)
  3. Foundation - At this stage, a foundation survey must be completed and submitted to Building Services for review.
  4. Under Slab Drains
  5. Rough-In Plumbing
  6. Structural Framing - A separate inspection is conducted for each storey in a multi storey building.
  7. Rough-In Mechanical
  8. Solid Fuel Burning Appliance
  9. Insulation & Vapour/Air Barrier
  10. Fire Separations - Contact your Building Inspector for the timing of this inspection. A separate inspection is conducted for each storey in a multi storey building.
  11. Fire Protection Systems - Stand pipe, sprinkler, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems are inspected by the Richmond Hill Fire Department. Contact the Fire Prevention Division at (905) 883-5444 or by fax at (905) 883-0866.
  12. Final Plumbing
    Final Interior - All safety items in accordance with Subsection 2.4.3. Of the Ontario Building Code must be complete and operational for occupancy of the building.
  13. Final exterior

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