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So You Want To Speak To Council...?

Request for Notification Form [PDF]
Application To Appear As A Delegation Form [PDF]

There are many ways to make your views known to Members of Council as they make decisions on the future of your community. The first and perhaps the most obvious, is to contact your Councillor directly. Contact information for Members of Council appears later in this document.

Another way is to appear before the Committee of the Whole and speak to Members of Council about your concerns. A form that you can use to make your request is called an "Application to Appear Before Committee/Council" and is included at the end of this document. The Committee of the Whole is attended by all Members of Council and it is at this Committee meeting that issues such as yours are discussed in detail. Recommendations for action are then forwarded from the Committee of the Whole meeting to the next Council meeting for final approval, a week later. All parties interested in speaking to Members of Council are directed to the Committee of the Whole which usually meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, at 4:30 p.m.
Assistive listening icon Assistive Listening System
For meetings held in the Council Chambers, the Town of Richmond Hill offers an assistive listening system. Should you require the use of this system, please advise the Office of the Clerk in advance by sending an e-mail to or by speaking with Clerk’s Office staff before the start of the meeting.

Who can be a delegation?
Any member of the public, whether on his or her own behalf, or as a representative of an organization or group can appear before Committee of the Whole and make a presentation/delegation.

Who do I speak to about wanting to appear as a delegation?
In order to appear as a delegation, you must advise the Town Clerk, in writing. You can do so by completing the form at the end of this document. If you would like to appear before Committee of the Whole or Council with respect to an item on an upcoming agenda, you must notify the Clerk by noon on the day of the meeting. To speak to an issue not already on an upcoming agenda, please submit your written request and you will be placed on the next available Committee of the Whole agenda. For more information on this, please contact the Clerk's Office.

How long can I speak to Committee of the Whole?
The length of time delegations are permitted to speak is subject to the consent of Members of Council, however, our Procedural By-law 74-12 states that delegations to Committee of the Whole may not speak for longer than 5 minutes, exclusive of any time required to answer questions from the Mayor and Councillors.

What is the Public Forum Period before Council meetings?
During the Public Forum Period prior to Council meetings, the Mayor invites members of the public to address Council on any issue not on the agenda. The Public Forum Period is limited to 15 minutes, after which the Council meeting begins. You are always welcome to address Members of Council in this forum, however, because of the limited time frame and the number of speakers that may be present, members of the public are encouraged to register as a delegation to Committee of the Whole rather than attend the Public Forum Period unless timing would not permit it. Feel free to contact the Clerk?s Office for more information in this regard.

What happens when I've finished speaking?
Often, after a delegation has finished speaking, Councillors will have further questions. These may be directed to yourself, as the one making the delegation, Town Staff or other Members of Council and are coordinated through the Chair of Committee of the Whole.

Often, though not always, Members of Council will put forward a motion for discussion and debate by the Committee. At this point, the delegation may take a seat and observe the debate. If a motion is put forward, once the debate has concluded, the Chair will call a vote on the motion. If it passes, it will be recommended to Council for approval the following week. This information is available in the minutes of the meeting and can be found on our website in the days following the meeting (, or by contacting the Clerk?s Office.

Members of Council can also provide direction to Town Staff with regard to information provided by a delegation. If the direction is not put in the form of a motion by a Councillor and not voted on by Committee, this information will not appear in the minutes.

What audio-visual capabilities will be available to me?
If you plan to provide Members of Council with hard copies of material you are referring to during your presentation, the Clerk?s Office asks that you provide 15 copies to the Clerk to ensure that there are sufficient copies for Members of Council, Town Staff in attendance, and for the official record.

Overhead slides are unnecessary as technology in the Council Chambers allows the Clerk?s Office to display items on all screens from where delegations address Members of Council.

For those wishing to use a PowerPoint presentation or who have other audio or video requirements, please contact the Clerk?s Office in advance of your appearance so that arrangements can be made.

How can I be notified when a particular issue will be addressed at Council or Committee of the Whole?
To be notified of when a particular issue will be on an agenda, send a written request to the Town Clerk. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate Town Staff to contact you when the information is available. There are also forms in the Council Chambers (by the entrance) that you can fill out and submit to Clerk?s Staff at the meeting requesting more information.

There are also forms in the Council Chambers (by the entrance) that you can fill out and submit to Clerk's Staff at the meeting requesting more information.

The Town of Richmond Hill Procedure By-law 74-12 sets out the meeting schedule as follows:
  • Committee of the Whole Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 4:30 p.m.
  • Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m.
  • Council Public Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m.
  • No Council Public Meetings are scheduled in July and August.
  • No Committee of the Whole or Council Meetings are scheduled in the last two weeks of July or during the month of August.
You can review Committee of the Whole and Council procedures in By-law 74-12 at the links below:

  • Procedure By-law 74-12 [PDF] The meeting schedule is subject to change as a result of statutory holidays or to accommodate an increase in items that require consideration by Council.

    An up-to-date schedule is available here or by contacting the Clerk's Office.

    Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in the Council Chambers, 1st floor, 225 East Beaver Creek Road.

    The Town Clerk can be contacted....
    • By mail or in person at: 225 East Beaver Creek Road, Ground Floor, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4
    • By fax at: (905) 771-2502
    • By email at:
    • Or by phone at: (905) 771-8800
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