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An Emergency Plan

Richmond Hill is Prepared for a Disaster

The Town has developed a comprehensive Emergency Plan to assist staff, emergency personnel and residents in the event of a catastrophe. The Plan would be immediately put into action if there was a tornado, flood, airline crash, terrorist attack, civil disturbance, or any other disaster caused by nature or man.

The Town's Plan is tested once a year to ensure that everyone knows what to do if a disaster occurs. There are three teams of Town staff who are involved, the Emergency Operations Control Group, comprised mainly of Senior Management staff, and second and third teams made up of alternates. The Plan outlines the team leader, roles and responsibilities of the commanding group as well as all the necessary arrangements at the Emergency Operations centre.

With the assistance of the Plan, the Emergency Operations Control Group will manage the situation in an organized fashion and will keep the public abreast of important information and instructions. It is the Town's hope that the Emergency Plan will never need to be implemented, however if it is, the Town will be ready!

2010 Town of Richmond Hill Emergency Plan [PDF]

Emergency Preparedness Guide
Town of Richmond Hill
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