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Waterfront Park/Lake Wilcox Shoreline Restoration Project

Oak Ridges Community Centre and Park Project Home

Lake Wilcox ShorelinePlanned improvements to create a significant Waterfront Park attraction were approved by Council in 2006. These improvements will include the existing Sunset Beach Park, Jessie Vanek Park, as well as new lands that have or will be acquired by the Town around Lake Wilcox. The property, due to its location on the Oak Ridges Moraine and abutting the largest kettle lake on the Moraine, has tremendous potential to provide a significant contribution to the environment. However, in its current state, the site provides little opportunity to support a healthy ecosystem due to the proliferation of invasive species.

Oak Ridges Community Centre and Park Key Plan [PDF]

The Waterfront Park will be designed and improved in phases over the next 10+ years in accordance with the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department’s 10-year Capital Plan. Phasing of the site was seen as necessary in view of financial and other resource limitations impacting the Department, but also in view of efforts to minimize service disruptions, while realizing the life cycle associated with existing functioning park improvements.

Richmond Hill Council has approved a project schedule that includes significant restoration of the Lake Wilcox Shoreline. As a result of this planned work and the approved Master Plan for the site, Council has approved the permanent closure of Sunset Beach. The Shoreline Restoration Project improves a contiguous shoreline length of 675 metres or 22 per cent of the overall Lake Wilcox shoreline. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (as well as other planned partners) worked with the Town on this project – the largest shoreline restoration project involving a kettle lake on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  The shoreline restoration project was completed in the fall of 2008.

Splash PadFuture planned improvements to the Waterfront Park will include the implementation of a park splash pad in 2012. Outdoor recreation facilities for youth are a key component of the approved Master Plan, including the provision of a skateboard park and two basketball courts. The need for youth facilities coincides with the Department’s Strategic Master Plan. As such, it is planned that the youth facilities proceed to design in 2011 and be constructed the following year.

Each phase of the Waterfront Park development will include both protection of and improvements to the natural heritage features of the site. Park work will be guided by the forest evaluation and ecological land classification work carried out in the preparation of the Master Plan for the site.

Community Workshops
On January 29, 2008 a community workshop was held, where residents had the opportunity to learn about the Oak Ridges Community Centre project and the plans to restore the eastern shoreline of Lake Wilcox. Those in attendance, approximately 170 people in all, also had the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the shoreline restoration design through round-table discussions. Below is an overview of the workshop and results of the round-table discussions.

Lake Wilcox Eastern Shoreline Restoration Project Community Workshop Overview and Results [PDF]

On Tuesday, April 22, an open house was held where community members had the chance to review the recommended design. Plans that were displayed at the open house can be viewed at the links below.

Lake Wilcox Eastern Shoreline Restoration Project Open House Summary - April 22, 2008 [PDF]

Conceptual Master Plan [PDF]

Community Workshop Results [PDF]

Shoreline Concept Plan [PDF]

Water Play Concept Plan [PDF]

Site Sections [PDF]

For further information please call 905-771-8800.

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