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Tree Wound Dressing

Urban Forestry Home

This information applies to both Town and private trees. No work by residents should occur on or under trees on Town property.

Trees cover wounds naturally by growing over the cut or injured area. The application of tree wound dressing/paint is NOT recommended, as this may hamper the natural healing process, by:
  • retaining moisture at the wound site;
  • "burning" live tissue around the wound due to chemical reaction;
  • increasing temperatures at the wound site from exposure to sunlight; and
  • slowing the wound covering process, allowing for possible insect activity or disease at the wound site, which could lead to future tree health concerns.
How Staff Help Trees

Town staff strive to make cuts on trees that minimize the wound area, thereby minimizing the duration of the covering over  process. Staff may need to trim back or cut torn/damaged bark to allow for more effective covering of the wound area. Clean edges tend to cover over the wound more effectively.

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