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Important Notice About Mandatory Weed Control

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Long Grass and Weed By-law
The Town's By-law Enforcement Section enforces the provisions of the Weed Control Act of Ontario on agricultural lands or lands in close proximity of agricultural lands. Rag weed is a noxious weed but Goldenrod a similar looking weed is not. Goldenrod flowers durning the early summer months while Ragweed only flowers from August through September.

The Town of Richmond Hill's By-law Number 217-96 (Long Grass and Weed By-law) Section 2, states that "Every owner / tenant of a private property in the Town of Richmond Hill shall cut the grass and weeds on the premises and remove the cuttings wherever the growth of grass or weeds exceeds twenty centimetres (20 cm or 8 inches) in height between May 15 and October 15 in each calendar year. "
All persons in possession of land, in accordance with the Weed Control Act, Revised Statute of Ontario, 1990, Chapter W.5, Section 3, 16 and 23 must have destroyed noxious weeds growing on their lands within the Municipality of Richmond Hill by June 1 and throughout the season. Upon failure to do so, the Town may enter upon the said lands and have the weeds destroyed, charging the costs against the land, as set out in the Act.

Ragweed is considered the principal cause of hayfever. Other noxious weeds include all thistles, poison ivy and wild carrot.

Please Note: dandelions and goldenrod are NOT considered noxious under the Weed Control Act, therefore complaints regarding dandelions and goldenrod cannot be accepted.

What Happens If I See A Long Grass & Weed By-law Violation?
Contact staff in the Enforcement Section at 905-771-0198. Upon receiving the complaints, the Town will send enforcement officers to measure the grass on the specified property before determining the validity of the complaint. If, at the time of the officer’s attendance at the property, the length of the grass and or weeds exceeds the 20 cm (8 inches) maximum height requirement, the officer will issue an order to cut the grass/weeds. The officer will reinspect the property for compliance after nine days. If the owner/occupant has not cut the grass to comply with the order, the officer will forward a work order to the Town’s Grass Cutting Contractor to have the property cut to comply with the by-law. All charges for the cutting and the administration of the by-law will be invoiced to the property owner.

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