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People Plan Richmond Hill

People Plan Richmond Hill is a project that considers the needs of the community and will result in two important documents – an updated Strategic Plan, which focuses on the goals and aspirations of the people of Richmond Hill and a new Official Plan, which describes land-use policies, such as new housing, businesses, schools, etc.

The People Plan project began with an engagement process where the Town sought input from the community on what their hopes and expectations are for the future of Richmond Hill. Through a wide range of community engagement activities, more than 2,000 members of the community have provided us with their feedback and helped shape Richmond Hill’s future! Information gathered from public consultation events and activities such as the People Plan Launch, Summit and Open Houses, as well as themed Community Roundtables and Online Surveys, in combination with background research results and trend analysis was used as a foundation to develop the new 2009 Strategic Plan: A Plan for People, A Plan for Change, as well as inform the creation of a new Official Plan.

Strategic Plan
2009 Strategic Plan CoverThe people of Richmond Hill are on an exciting journey of connection, innovation and change with the 2009 Strategic Plan: A Plan for People, A Plan for Change

  • Strategic Plan
  • Official Plan
    Richmond Hill Official Plan CoverCouncil has adopted a new Official Plan for the Town. The new Official Plan is intended to guide growth and development in Richmond Hill until 2031. 

  • Official Plan

  • People Plan Richmond Hill Timeline
    The timeline in the diagram below shows the work that the People Plan Richmond Hill team has undertaken as part of the People Plan project.  

    The work of the Office of Strategic Initiatives in creating the Town’s new Strategic Plan is shown at the top of the diagram. The work undertaken by the Planning and Development Department to develop the Town’s new Official Plan is at the bottom of the diagram.  Together, these steps outline the People Plan Richmond Hill project.

    (click for enlarged version)
    People Plan Timeline

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    Strategic Plan
    Gwen Manderson
    Director, Strategic Initiatives  
    Dan Olding
    Manager, Grants & Strategic Initiatives
    Official Plan
    Paul Freeman
    Manager, Policy


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