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Lake Wilcox Special Policy Area

The Lake Wilcox Special Policy Area (SPA) is an area within the Town that has historically existed in the floodplain. In this area, strict adherence to the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 (PPS) concerning new development in the floodplain would result in social and economic hardships for the community. As such, the area is subject to a separate set of policies intended to provide for the continued viability of existing uses (which are generally small in scale). Excluding those lands subject to SPA policies, the remaining lands in Richmond Hill located within a floodplain are generally designated as part of the Town's Greenway System to be protected, enhanced, and actively managed over the long-term.

On July 12, 2010 Council adopted the Richmond Hill Official Plan, which included policies related to studies to be completed in order to implement the Plan's vision. One of the studies to be completed is an update to the SPA policies and mapping.

The purpose of the Lake Wilcox Special Policy Area (SPA) Review is to update the SPA boundary based on the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's revised floodplain mapping for the Lake Wilcox SPA. The review may result in a revised SPA boundary and/or refinements to the Greenway System designations of the Official Plan.



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