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Natural Areas Next to Your Home

Things You Need to Know About the Natural Areas Next to Your Home

Together, the Town and Richmond Hill residents can work to ensure the health and sustainability of our natural heritage system. The information in the following brochures will help you do your part!
Property Owner's Manual
Recognizing the important role that property owners play in resource conservation, this manual has been prepared to provide advice and information that will help you protect the natural features near your home or business.

Encroachment Brochure
Focusing on appropriate use of public parks and natural areas, the encroachment brochureprovides information about: issues, impacts of encroachments, examples of encroachments and unauthorized uses of open space lands and clear instructions for removing encroachments. 

Conservation Easements
A conservation easement is an agreement, registered against the title of private lands to provide for conservation, maintenance, restoration or enhancement of important natural areas and wildlife habitat. 

Note that only some properties have conservation easements on them; if you don’t know if your property has an easement check your property purchase documentation.

Only native plant species can be planted within conservation easements.   

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