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Richmond Hill Sports Hall of Fame Inductee - Richmond Hill Arena Association

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Category: Builder
Year of Induction: 2010

The Richmond Hill Arena Association was incorporated in 1954 as a non-profit organization. Founded by a group of Richmond Hill citizens, its initial purpose was to provide artificial ice in a natural ice arena, which had been built in 1923. In the years following, the Arena Assocation advocated for additional arena facilities to accomodate the growing community. The Association's mandate was to manage and operate Town-owned arena facilities on behalf of the municipality and to provide ice time equitably to local organized groups at competitive rates.

For 56 years, the Arena Association members generously volunteered their time and through their work, made a significant contribution to the community.

President/Chair Manager/Administrator Directors & Appointees
1954-1957 William Hall 1954-1957 Mac McDerment Alan Bales Al Cromb Floyd Perkins
1958 - Elgin Barrow 1957-1961 Bill Walder Graeme Bales Pat Deciantis Don Plaxton 
1959-1960 Dalton Hicks 1961-1963 Ben Knight William Barker Al Duffy Ed Sackfield 
1961 - Brydon Ellis 1963-1966 Bill Mabett Dave Barrow William Ellis Tom Simpson 
1962-1963 Harold (Bud) Jones 1966-1973 Dick Verbeek Diane Barrow Lynn Foster Cam Smith 
1964-1965 George Chassie 1971-1990 Ed Sackfield George Battaglini Frank Gallant Walter Smith 
1966-1967 Elgin Barrow 1989-1989 Jules Spillebeen Shawn Beggs Eric George Marg Southwell 
1968-1969 Jack Hollowell 1990-2010 Mary Anne Palmer John Birchall George Gilchrist Vito Spatafora 
1970-1973 Bill McVean   Jack Blythe William Gilchrist Norm Taylor 
1974-1985 Elgin Barrow   Tom Broadhurst Bill Lazenby  Stan Tinker 
1986-2007 Tom Graham   Jim Cade Cecil Mabley Kenneth Tomlin 
2008-2010 Rick Sackfield   Bob Cage Janet Mabley Lou Wainwright 
    Anna Caporiccio Dave MacDonald Alan White 
    Eric Charity Dr. Hugh Mackay Bryon Wilfert 
    Alex Clarke Steve Mills Elizabeth Wilfert 
    Ross Clarke Iris Murphy James Wilson 
    Mac Clement Rick Murphy Jim Wilson 
    David Cohen Tom Murphy Peter Youtoff 
    William Corcoran Nick Papa  

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