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Site Plan and Site Plan Amendments

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In accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, Site Plan approval may be required by a municipality when “development” is proposed. Development is defined as “the construction, erection or placing of one or more buildings or structures on land or the making of an addition or alteration to a building or structure that has the effect of substantially increasing the size or usability thereof, or the laying out and establishment of a commercial parking lot.”

The purpose of Site Plan control is to protect property rights and values, to conserve the important environmental and heritage features of a site and its adjacent areas, and to ensure that the proposed buildings and structures and the overall development of the site contributes to the orderly development of the community.

Town By-law No. 346-87 designates the entire Town of Richmond Hill as a Site Plan Control Area. The by-law requires all development proposals to be approved through a Site Plan/Site Plan Amendment application process. Generally, low density residential proposals are exempt from the Site Plan approval process, except for those lands located within the Town’s Lake Wilcox Area, Oak Ridges Moraine Area and Residential Infill and Infill Bonusing Areas. For details regarding the Town’s Site Plan approval process, please click on the items listed below: 
If you are considering making a Site Plan or Site Plan Amendment submission or require other information concerning the Town’s Site Plan approval process, it is recommended that you visit the Planning & Regulatory Services Department located in the Town’s Municipal Offices, 225 East Beaver Creek Road, 4th Floor, or contact the Planning Division by calling (905) 771-8910, or via e-mail at

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