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Street Naming and Municipal Addressing

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The Planning & Regulatory Services Department is responsible for street naming, renaming, numbering and renumbering.  A municipal address is essential in assisting emergency services such as fire, police and ambulance to locate a property quickly.

A Method of Assigning Street Names and Numbers in the Town of Richmond Hill is a document that sets out the Town’s guidelines in order to ensure orderly and consistent application of the addressing process, as follows: With respect to street naming, the document outlines the Town’s policies concerning choosing a street name from the Town’s Approved Street Name List, street name submissions, conflicts, repetition, continuity and characteristics. The document also outlines the Town’s policies for street numbering and renumbering in order to minimize conflicts and maintain continuity and uniformity. Street renumbering is reviewed against the guidelines in order to ensure that the overall sequencing and pattern of the area is not impacted.

For your convenience, please click on the links below to access to the Town’s address/street naming documents and application forms:
For detailed information regarding the process for Street Naming and Municipal Addressing, please visit the Planning & Regulatory Services Department in the Town’s main Municipal Offices, 225 East Beaver Creek Road, 4th Floor, or contact the Planning Division by calling (905) 771-8910, or via e-mail at

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