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Website FAQ

Garbage and Recycling
  • What day is my green bin, blue box and garbage collected?
  • What is composting?
  • What can be disposed of in my green bin?
  • What kinds of things can be recycled?
  • When is the next yard waste collection?
  • Where can I buy a blue box?
  • I have an old appliance I want picked up. Who do I call?

  • Can my overnight guests park their vehicles on the street?
  • My neighbour's grass is exceptionally long, and the yard is beginning to look unsightly. Who can I speak to?
  • What are the by-laws governing front yard parking in residential zones?
  • Where can I find information on Town of Richmond Hill by-laws?

    Parking Tickets
  • Where do I pay fines?
  • Who can I speak to if I have an issue about my fine or received a letter from the Town?

    Animal issues
  • Who can I report animal issues to?
  • Who should I call to report a dead animal on the street for pick up?

    Building and Planning

  • When do I need a building permit and what is required to apply for it?
  • What are the applicable Zoning Bylaws pertaining to a property?
  • Can I obtain my property survey?

    Parks, Recreation & Culture Programs
  • How can I find out about Town recreation activities and facility programs and hours of operation?

  • Why do I have to pay taxes and how is that money spent?
  • Town of Richmond Hill
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