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Why did the Town Create a new Logo?

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Richmond Hill's new logoHaving a strong brand helps to create a sense of pride when coupled with an already positive reputation. Municipalities are no different from large and small companies in that they need to work to maintain their reputation and use visual images or an icon that help to tell their story locally and beyond.

The need for a new brand was identified by the 2007 Communications Audit. The Town heard from the community about the need for a new, distinctive brand or logo, advising that it should represent the Town as it is today and envisioned in the future. In particular, this idea was strongly supported at the business roundtable event, part of the People Plan Richmond Hill process for the Town’s Strategic Plan. The need for a new brand was also a recommendation in the recently approved Economic Development Strategy, stating that developing a new brand/logo would assist the Town in its marketing efforts, as well as raise the profile and impact of the community regionally and internationally.

In developing the brand, Council charged a staff team to undertake the necessary work. A consulting firm was retained to assist staff in developing a brand for the Town. This firm helped the Town not only gather and analyze existing research, but also undertook best practise and benchmarking research, as well as assisted with the creation of the graphic concepts based on staff's direction and public comment. An online public survey was issued and focus group meetings were held with key stakeholders. From there, concepts were developed and shared with Council. After several iterations, a final new logo and crest was approved by Council in June 2010.

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