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Traffic Circles

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A traffic circle is a raised island located in the centre of an intersection. Its purpose is to slow down travel speeds, reduce the chance of accidents and discourage traffic from short-cutting through residential neighbourhoods.

  • How Safe is a Traffic Circle Compared to a Standard Intersection? [PDF]

    Navigating a Traffic Circle 
    Vehicles are required to travel through the intersection in a counter-clockwise direction around the island (i.e. keep to the right of the island). A vehicle already in the intersection has the right-of-way over one entering. As with any uncontrolled intersection, if two vehicles arrive at the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right-of-way.

  • What are the 'Rules of the Road' for Traffic Circles? [PDF]

    Traffic Circles in Richmond Hill
    In Richmond Hill, traffic circles are found in newer residential subdivisions:

  • Rollinghill Road & Glenis Gate
  • Rolling Hill Road & Tower Hill Road
  • Tower Hill Road & Wicker Drive - Mockingbird Drive
  • Jefferson Forest Drive & Arden Valley Street
  • Jefferson Forest Drive & Shadow Falls Drive
  • Tower Hill Road & Selwyn Road
  • Selwyn Road & Hearthside Avenue-Alpaca Drive

    For more information, contact the Planning & Regulatory Services Department at or (905) 771-8910.

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