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Important Tips for Barbecue Use

It is important to use common sense when lighting or transporting your barbecue, to avoid needless injuries. The Fire Department urges you to be careful when using your barbecue and always follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly, maintenance and lighting.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when assembling a new barbecue. Use the type and size of cylinder recommended by the manufacturer. If you have problems with assembly, call a qualified service individual.

  • If you have not used your barbecue recently, make sure the burner holes (ports) and the tube connecting to the burners are clear of rust and debris.

  • Test all connections for leaks. With the tank connected, open the tank valve and generously spread a soapy solution on all propane fittings, including the cylinder valve on the hose. If bubbles appear and become larger or increase in number, there is a leak. NEVER check for a leak using an open flame.

  • Tighten or replace the leaky fitting or hose and retest. If you have any concerns, have your barbecue checked by a qualified propane service individual.

  • When lighting your gas barbecue, open the lid and have the match or lighter already burning before you turn on the propane. Always use and store your gas barbecue and any propane cylinders outdoors.

  • When you are finished barbecuing, make sure you turn off the barbecue burners and the propane cylinder valves.

  • Transport propane cylinders in an upright position with the valve plugs in place, ensuring good ventilation. The best way to transport a cylinder is to place it inside a stable container in the trunk of your vehicle. The trunk lid should be secured with a device which will allow it to remain partially open. The rear floor passenger side of your vehicle can be used, providing the cylinder is secured and the rear windows are open.

  • Ensure the cylinder valve is completely turned off and the valve plug is in place whenever the cylinder is not connected to an appliance.

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