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Burn It Smart!

You might think that burning garbage is better than burying it in a landfill site, but it’s not – not in your wood-burning stove, furnace or your fireplace, or in a backyard barrel. Food packaging is one of the biggest sources of household garbage, so a good way to cut your garbage output is to simply reduce the amount of packaging you buy.

Most paper and plastic can be recycled. Recycling is far kinder to the environment than burning because it doesn’t pollute the air and it provides the raw material for many new products.

Burning garbage doesn’t destroy those chemicals – it just changes their form, causing unpredictable and harmful chemical reactions. The bottom line: burning garbage hurts the environment, your health and your wood-burning system.

If you are looking for information on wood heating, call the experts:

To find a qualified installer, chimney sweep or inspector contact:
Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (W.E.T.T)
For retailers/dealers near you contact:
Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association of Canada
For general, non-commercial information on residential wood heating contact:
The Wood Heat Organization Inc.

For general information on carbon monoxide and tips on the safe use of residential wood burning appliances contact:
Fire Prevention Canada
For information and tips on safe, clean and efficient wood burning, visit the Government of Canada
Burn It Smart!
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