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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Home

Q: How can I register for a membership?
A: To register simply fill out both the Membership Registration and Par-Q forms and bring them with payment to either Ed Sackfield Fitness Studio, Oak Ridges Fitness Studio or Bayview Hill Fitness Studio for processing. Printable versions of the Membership Registration and Par-Q forms can be found on the Membership Information page or by visiting the Ed Sackfield, Oak Ridges or Bayview Hill Fitness Studios. Please note that you must complete both forms. You may be required to provide a note from your physician to say that it is okay for you to begin participation in a fitness program.
Q: Can I register for a membership at any of the Town’s community centres?
A: New Membership registration will be accepted at Ed Sackfield Fitness Studio, Oak Ridges Fitness Studio and/or Bayview Hill Fitness Studio only.

Q: Is there a family membership?
A: There is no family membership. However, there is a Dual discount option. When two individuals purchase the same membership type for the same term, each will receive a 15 per cent discount off the price of their membership. The option is open to anyone, not just couples or families, so feel free to sign up with a friend or neighbour. Please note that individuals must purchase their memberships at the same time to be eligible for the discount.

Q: Is there a reduced fee for students?
A: There is a University/College Student fee. Please note that you must be able to present a valid student card with expiry date and/or current timetable upon registration to be eligible for this fee.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to use the Fitness Studio?
A: The minimum age requirement to use the Fitness Studio is 16 years of age. If you are between the ages of 13-15, you may obtain a fitness studio membership if you complete a personal training session.  

Q: When I renew my membership will I have to pay the original price?
A: If you renew your membership for one year you will receive an extra month free of charge*. If a member wishes to purchase a different membership option than previously purchased, the discount will still apply.

*This does not apply for Dual memberships.

Q: Why do I have to fill out the Membership Registration form and Par-Q every time I renew my membership?
A: The Membership Registration form and Par-Q act as a contract between the Town and the individual member. Once the membership expires, so does the contract. Therefore, to validate your membership once it expires you must begin a new contract (in effect renew.) Please note that all fields of the Membership Registration and Par-Q forms must be filled out each time you begin a new contract.
Q: Can I bring a guest to the Fitness Studio or Fitness classes?
A: Guest passes are not included with your Fitness Studio or Fitness Class Memberships. Non-members may use the Fitness Studio for a fee of $10 per visit. The drop-in fee for Fitness classes is $8.07 for adults or $5.65 for youths and seniors.
Q: Can my membership be extended if I am sick or away on vacation and unable to use the Fitness Studio or attend Fitness classes?
A: Sometimes life events prevent members from using their memberships. Extensions can be granted for medical reasons at no charge with a doctor's note. To extend your membership for personal reasons, the request for an extension must be submitted prior to the period of absence and a $10 administration fee will apply. The minimum extension period is 3 weeks. Please see chart below for the maximum extension period.

Membership Term Maximum Extension
1 month membership Not applicable
3 months membership 1 month
6 months membership 2 months
1 year membership 4 months

Q: Why do I have to scan my membership card every time I visit the Fitness Studio or attend a class?
A: Scanning your membership card serves several purposes. It allows Fitness staff to observe whether memberships are current, helps keep statistics on usage patterns and helps with security as only members and those who have paid to drop in are allowed to access the facility.

Q: Are there lockers available?
A: Day lockers are available. However, members must bring their own lock and remove the lock after every visit. Please note that any lock remaining on a day locker will be removed at the end of each business day.
Q: Does my Fitness Studio Membership entitle me to public skating and/or tennis?
A: Fitness Studio Memberships do not include public skating and/or tennis. For information about these programs, check out the Community Recreation Guide.
Q: Does my Fitness Class Membership entitle me to public swimming?
A: The Fitness Class Membership allows you access to general classes only. If you want to attend any recreational swims, you have three options: you can purchase a Full Fitness Membership which will give you access to all three of the Town’s Fitness Studios, all general Fitness classes, as well as leisure swims (excluding Wave swims), you can purchase a swim pass or pay for your admission each time you visit the pool. For more information about recreational swimming, check out the Community Recreation Guide.

Q: What is the difference between general Fitness classes and Specialized Fitness classes?
A: General Fitness classes run year-round, but are subject to some sessional changes. To participate, you have three payment options: you can purchase a Fitness Class Membership, a punch card (10 classes) or pay the drop-in fee. Specialized Fitness classes run sessionally and are typically seven to nine weeks in length. To participate, you must register for each individual class using RHeReg, Touch Tone Registration at (905)771-7545 or by filling out the form in the Community Recreation Guide and faxing or dropping it off at any community centre.

Q: Can I cancel my membership or transfer it to another family member?
Memberships are not transferable. If you want to end your membership before the expiry date you must submit a Refund Request form. A prorated refund from the date of request will be considered for the remainder of time left on the membership. Submission of the form does not guarantee that a refund will be issued and non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal. $10 administration fee applies.
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