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Heritage Richmond Hill Advisory Committee (HRH)

Urban Design & Heritage Home

Heritage Richmond Hill
(Formerly LACAC)

Heritage Richmond Hill (HRH) is a municipally-appointed committee that advises Council on properties for heritage designation, heritage permits and other heritage planning matters. The committee is comprised of 11 citizens from throughout Richmond Hill, as well as two (2) Town Councillors (Ward 1 Councillor Greg Beros and Ward 4 Councillor Lynn Foster).

If you want to find out more about the Town's designated heritage sites and historic communities, you can contact the Richmond Hill (HRH) Municipal Heritage Committee.

History of Richmond Hill

Tour of Selected Designated Properties

What is Heritage Richmond Hill (HRH)?
Formerly known as the Richmond Hill Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC), Heritage Richmond Hill (HRH) is a volunteer committee appointed by Town Council for the purpose of advising Council on matters pertaining to the Ontario Heritage Act. In a broader sense, HRH's role is to encourage the preservation of the Town's cultural heritage resources. In addition to acting as an advisory body, HRH endeavors to promote heritage conservation by offering a number of services to the community, free of charge.

Heritage Designation
Designated properties are subject to the protective measures set out in the Ontario Heritage Act. Accordingly, demolition or alterations which effect the reasons for designation require the approval of Town Council in consultation with HRH.

In addition to receiving special recognition through HRH’s plaquing program, the designated properties are eligible for funding through the Richmond Hill Heritage Grant program for restoration or repair of heritage attributes of the building identified in the designation process.

Inventory Register
The Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and Historical Importance [PDF] lists properties built prior to 1930 as a general cut-off date. While listing on the inventory does not involve the same degree of protection for designated heritage buildings, HRH Committee encourages owners to talk over their plans with the Town’s Heritage Planner or representatives of HRH as early as possible if demolition or alterations are proposed. It is only through cooperation between property owners and the Town that Richmond Hill's unique structural heritage may be conserved for future generations.

Demolition applications and planning matters which may affect heritage structures are brought to HRH’s attention by Town staff for comment. HRH also advises Council on all other matters relating to heritage structures or archeological sites.
Where demolition is requested, or alterations planned which will affect the key heritage attributes, such as architectural character of a heritage building, HRH, assisted by the Town’s Heritage Planner will meet with the applicant to discuss possible modification of the proposal to achieve a mutually satisfying solution. All residential buildings are subject to the Town's Demolition Control By-law, which requires demolition applications for dwellings to be approved by Council.

Information on Heritage Designation and Funding
Details regarding the process and effect of designation under the Ontario Heritage Act are provided by HRH, as well as information regarding the availability of grants through the Richmond Hill Heritage Fund for owners restoring designated heritage properties.

Information is provided upon request to students, owners of heritage properties and the general public on the history of Richmond Hill as it relates to the historic sites and structures. Advice is also offered to researchers as to further information sources.

Wooden Plaque Program
As a means of increasing public awareness of Richmond Hill's architectural heritage, HRH places wooden historical plaques on selected buildings. Plaquing is done at no cost to the property owner, and does not carry any legal implications.

Each year HRH endeavors to plaque a number of individual buildings, or groups of buildings, in a specific area.

HRH (formerly LACAC) has produced a series of informative publications on the history and architecture of the Town.

The Inventory of Buildings of Historical Importance contains concise descriptions of pre-1930 buildings. Also available are the Directory of Designated Properties, and Brief Histories of New Gormley. For educators, the manual, Exploring Richmond Hill is available for the cost of photocopying.

To carry out these functions, there are two subcommittees comprising members of Heritage Richmond Hill:

  • Designation Subcommittee
  • Education Subcommittee

    For administrative matters, please contact the Clerks Department at 905-771-9996, ext. 3019.

    For more information, please contact Heritage Planning Staff at 905-771-5529.

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