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Town of Richmond Hill 2004 Awards

Richmond Hill Wins Gold Award for RHexplorer

The Town's RHexplorer interactive mapping service recently received the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Ontario Chapter's Web GIS Gold Award at the Chapter's annual conference in Toronto. The award was presented to the Town's GIS Services Section, Information Technology & Resources Services Division from the Corporate Services Department.

What is it and what can it do for me?
RHexplorer is a powerful interactive mapping service. It provides two basic services: To find a location, and to show it on a map together with related information. Here's what it looks like:

Web GIS Gold Award
RHexplorer Where is The Where Is Function

This feature let's you search for a location by street address or by two street intersections or by the type of facility you're looking for. In addition, there's a "Quick Search" feature at the bottom as another way to find what you're looking for and then you simply press "Go" to get the location on a map.
RHexplorer Map Viewer The Map Viewer Function

This feature let's you see the location of places you've searched for or simply "Zoom" around Town to see what's in your area of interest. There are Map "tabs" that customize what's shown on the map - and you can control what you want see by the Add/Remove Data tool. There's also lots of valuable information associated with the map graphics - just click on "More Info" and get information about properties, parks .. etc.
But that's not all it does... RHexplorer goes beyond displaying locations.

Here are just some of the things you can find easily with RHexplorer:
  • Identify the closest park, community centre, pool or shopping centre
  • See where the fire stations and local points of interest are
  • Find out your ward and who is your Councillor
  • Determine your garbage and recycling collection days
  • Print a copy of your map or "More Info"
  • Detailed aerial photographs of the town's neighbourhoods

Now that you know some of the things you can do - try it yourself, click here RHexplorer

Why RHexplorer Was Chosen
The criteria for evaluating the submissions focused on Creativity, Functionality, the User Interface, Documentation such as Help, and Performance. The qualities that made RHexplorer rise above the rest in the eyes of the judges were its attractive user interface, comprehensive range of available data and strong emphasis on ease of use.

What So Special About this Award
URISA Ontario Chapter is Ontario's premier non-profit organization focusing on the use and management of geospatial or land-related information that constitutes about 85% of all municipal data. Being selected to receive this award recognizes the Town's commitment to providing efficient and effective services. RHexplorer is the one of many online applications the Town is using to provide services both internally and externally.

We Want to Know How to Make it Even Better
RHexplorer was designed with its users needs in mind; so feedback on how to make it better for you is always welcome. Contact us at


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