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Natural Environment

Richmond Hill's Natural Heritage System
Image: Aerial photo of kettle lakes in Richmond HillWithin the borders of the Town of Richmond Hill one can find numerous unique and valuable natural features including kettle lakes, headwaters and tributaries of the Don, Rouge and Humber River systems, significant wetland complexes, forest communities, and a portion of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Because of the complex diversity of landscapes and species, including hundreds of local flora and fauna species of concern, it has become a high priority, for Town residents and the municipal government, to preserve these ecological places and systems. Not only is it essential to protect these spaces for future generations to enjoy, keeping them intact ensures that we maintain essential ecological functions, increase the value of surrounding properties, provide unique educational resources and increase the available spaces for recreational opportunities, such as hiking, walking, and cycling.

Natural Environment Section
The overall objective of the Natural Environment Section is to protect, enhance and ultimately sustain the Town’s valuable natural areas. The following links provide a summary of the information and programs that the Natural Environment Section is responsible for delivering.

Natural Environment Achievements

Upcoming Environmental Events

Natural Heritage Strategy 

Native Species


Oak Ridges Moraine

Lake Wilcox

Streams and Rivers

Tree Preservation By-law

Tree Planting & Natural Area Stewardship

Pesticides & Organic Lawn Care

Healthy Yards

Community Allotment Garden



Fishing in Richmond Hill

Things You Need to Know About the Natural Areas Next to Your Home

To find out more about Richmond Hill's Natural Environment initiatives, please contact us at
Town of Richmond Hill
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