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Urban Forestry Section

Tree Planting & Care
  • Trees in New Subdivisions
  • Tree Pruning Schedule
  • Considering Planting Shrubs and Hedges on Town Property?
  • Planning on Planting Trees or Shrubs on Private Property?
  • Recently Planted a Tree on Your Property?
  • Watering of Trees
  • Brush Collection
  • Wood Disposal by Urban Forestry Staff

    Tree Damage & Factors Affecting Tree Health
  • Branches Touching Hydro Wires?
  • What Should I do if I See a Tree Hit by a Vehicle or Vandalized?
  • Tree Damage from Powered Grass Trimmers and Edgers
  • Tree Wound Dressing
  • Soil Mounding and Cultivation Around Trees is Harmful
  • Girdling Roots
  • Diseases and Insects that Affect Trees
  • Diseases and Insects Affecting Spruce Trees

    Other Green Links
  • Urban Forestry Section Special Programs
  • Healthy Yards
  • Backyard Tree Planting Program
  • Pesticides and Organic Lawn Care
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Twickenham ForestInformation on the Town's Website relates both to public and private trees. Ownership of the tree is determined at ground level. Private trees are those that have more than 50 per cent of their diameter on the private side of the property line and Town-owned trees are those that have more than 50 per cent of the trunk diameter on the Town side of the property line. If you are unsure as to the ownership of a tree(s), please refer to your property survey, usually with your home purchase documents. By reading the dimensions from the foundation of the house to the property line and measuring these distances on the lawn, the Private/Town property line can be determined. If the tree(s) appears close to the Town property line or you are unsure, please call the Urban forestry Section at (905) 771-8800.

    Trees on Private Property
    Trees on private property are the responsibility of the owner. However, a by-law regulates and/or prohibits the injury and destruction of trees on private property with a trunk diameter equal to or greater than 20cm (8") at 1.4m (4.5ft) above ground level in the Town of Richmond Hill. For more information about the Town's Tree Preservation By-law, please check out the link below.

    Tree Preservation By-law No. 41-07

    Trees on Public (Town-owned) Property
    Residents are advised not to prune or interfere with trees on Town property. If you notice a Town-owned tree that needs attention, please complete the form at the link below.

    Public Property Tree Reporting Form

    The Urban Forestry Section of the Community Services Department is responsible for the protection, planting, maintenance and removal of trees deemed to be on Town lands.

    The Urban Forest in the Town of Richmond Hill encompasses an area where there is human influence on trees and vegetation. Whether you are strolling down a park pathway enjoying the shade of the trees on a warm summer's day, or taking in the shaded view at Mill Pond, trees increase enjoyment of the outdoors.

    Many of the benefits trees provide include:

    1) shade, to help reduce surface temperatures and lower cooling energy costs in summer;
    2) absorption of carbon dioxide we produce;
    3) wind reduction which can help reduce heating costs in winter;
    4) screening of unsightly areas;
    5) softening the views of buildings;
    6) habitat for wildlife;
    7) erosion reduction;
    8) add maturity to a neighbourhood;
    9) help contain airborne particles;
    10) provide organic matter for composting and soil enhancement; and
    11) fruit for consumption.

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