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Front Yard Parking By-law

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In 2003, as a result of residents' concerns about the unsightliness of front yard parking, the decrease in property values due to this unsightliness and the potential for derelict and/or commercial vehicles to be parked on residential properties, Council adopted By-law 84-03 to prohibit and regulate front yard parking.

The Front Yard Parking and Driveway Apron By-law:
  • Prohibits parking in a front yard or exterior side yard, except on a driveway or enclosed building(garage);
  • Establishes a minimum standard for landscaping (to be defined) in a front yard in order to maintain the aesthetics of residential neighbourhoods;
  • Establishes maximum driveway widths based on garage and lot widths consistent with the Town’s existing Zoning By-laws and Driveway By-law (By-law 117-08) in order to ensure consistency; and
  • Formulates a By-law that minimizes to the greatest extent possible, potential non conformities, especially in the newer developing areas.

For more information, check out the Front Yard Parking and Driveway By-law brochure at the link below.

Front Yard Parking and Driveway Apron By-law Brochure [PDF]

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