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Zoning By-laws

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A zoning by-law is a legal document passed by Town Council that provides a way of managing land use and future development. It protects all Town residents and businesses from conflicting land uses within the community. As a result, property owners have a reasonable expectation of what they can do on their property and what their neighbours can do (e.g. – minimum setback requirements, maximum coverage permitted, maximum height and minimum parking standards).

Confirming Compliance
A zoning by-law contains a map that divides specific areas of the Town into various land use zones, outlines the permitted uses in the zone and the required standards that must be complied with. No matter how small the addition or structure proposed or how minor in nature a change in use may be, it is important to confirm compliance with the applicable zoning by-law. Your first step should be to contact the Building Services Division at (905) 771-8810 with a specific proposal to determine if it will be in compliance with the applicable zoning by-law(s).

Reminder: Call Before You Dig
Before doing any work that involves digging, please be sure to contact the appropriate services.

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By-law & Licensing
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