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Planning Division Home
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Town-Wide Studies
  • Official Plan Background Studies
  • Urban Master Environmental Servicing Plan
  • Sustainability Metrics
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Office Incentives Study

    Area Specific Studies

    Secondary Plans
    A Secondary Plan provides specific policies for areas identified within an Official Plan as requiring more detailed direction on topics such as land use, urban design and transportation. A Secondary Plan is typically adopted as an amendment to the Town’s Official Plan and outlines the goals, objectives and policies governing the development and redevelopment of land for the area to which it applies.

  • West Gormley Secondary Plan [PDF]
  • North Leslie Secondary Plan [PDF]
  • Yonge Street and 16th Avenue Key Development Area (16th KDA) Secondary Plan Study  
  • Downtown Local Centre Secondary Plan 
  • Richmond Hill Centre Secondary Plan (in process)

  • Tertiary Plans
    A Tertiary Plan is a detailed land use study that is prepared for small geographic areas. Generally, Tertiary Plans address topics such as land use, patterns of development, development standards, compatibility and urban design that are specific to the plan area. Like Infill Studies, Tertiary Plans are intended to guide new development and redevelopment in the Tertiary Plan area. Within the Neighbourhood designation of the Official Plan (OP), Tertiary Plans are required to be undertaken and approved by Council to provide direction for medium density residential development where such uses are proposed on collector and local streets identified in the OP.

  • Benson Hunt Tertiary Plan
  • Weldrick Road Tertiary Plan

  • Infill Studies
    Infill Studies provide direction as to where and how development may be permitted in priority infill areas over the long term. The studies may include concept plans or development scenarios intended to guide new development and/or redevelopment.

  • Harris Beech Infill Study [PDF]
  • Bathurst Street Infill Study [PDF]
  • Puccini Drive Infill Study [PDF]
  • Hughey West Infill Study [PDF]
  • Bond Crescent Neighbourhood Infill Study [PDF]
  • Douglas Road Neighbourhood Infill Study [PDF]
  • Anglin Drive/Long Hill Drive/19th Avenue Residential Infill Study [PDF]
  • Elm Grove/Maple Grove/Aubrey Residential Infill Study [PDF]

  • Other Area Specific Studies
  • Village Core Neighbourhood Design Guidelines [PDF]
  • North Yonge Street Urban Design Study [PDF]
  • Lake Wilcox Special Policy Area
  • David Dunlap Observatory
  • Downtown Design and Land Use Strategy
  • Richmond Hill Regional Centre Design and Land Use Study

  • Town of Richmond Hill
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