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Tree Planting and Natural Area Stewardship

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship involves working together with other’s in the community to increase environmental awareness, and provide hands-on assistance to clean, manage, protect and enhance our streams, lakes, woodlots and other natural areas ensuring a healthy environment. Stewards play a crucial role in the caring for and restoring, to the best possible ability, the ecological functions of various ecosystems.

Richmond Hill’s Community Stewardship Program

The Natural Environment Stewardship Program offers opportunities for people to actively participate in environmental programs aimed at improving the quality of our natural areas and to encourage environmental stewardship amongst other residents of the Town.  

While there are many global environmental issues that are of concern to Town residents, acting locally ensures that we help to contribute to the wellness of our surrounding environment and maintenance of these natural systems on a local level. Every bit helps! As a Natural Environment Steward, you will have the opportunity to become involved on a local level and become an active participant in protecting, maintaining and enhancing the natural spaces of the Town of Richmond Hill. 

Some of the stewardship projects you can get involved in include:


Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Tree Planting & Other Environmental Events

    We are always looking for volunteers and welcome anyone who would like to dedicate time, both ongoing or on a one-time basis. If you are interested, we ask that you fill out the Registration Form online and attend one of our Volunteer Orientation Sessions, which are advertised in the Community Recreation Guide. High school students can also fulfill their required volunteer hours by participating in Natural Environment projects.

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