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Draft Parking Strategy for Richmond Hill

Over the last three years the Town of Richmond Hill has been working diligently to redefine its community vision, set new directions and develop planning principles that will shape the future of this vibrant and fast growing community for the years to come. The Strategic Plan adopted in 2009 provided foundations for the development of the new Official Plan. The Town has initiated and completed a number of policy initiatives that will feed into the new Official Plan, guide development and investments within Town, encourage sustainability and accessibility, and support the economic competitiveness of the Town. The Parking Strategy document is one of the policy documents that has been prepared during this process.

With the goal of establishing more effective parking management practices, assisting in traffic congestion reduction, reducing the consumption of land and promoting the Town’s economy, Council has endorsed in principal a draft of a new parking strategy. The draft parking strategy is intended to serve as a parking policy document with clearly defined parameters. It recommends tailored on-site parking requirements, on and off street parking specifications, defines the framework for shared parking and cash in-lieu, and discusses the applicability of other parking related travel management measures for different areas of Richmond Hill. Current parking by-law requirements in the Town vary on a site-by-site basis and requirements are inconsistent between sites in many situations. The draft parking strategy establishes and recommends consistent parking supply standards that encourage the use of transit while discouraging auto usage. The parking standards are defined as per the five distinct areas within Richmond Hill based on the urban structure in the Town’s recently adopted Official Plan.

Draft Richmond Hill Parking Strategy [PDF]

Please note that the public comment period has ended.
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