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Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention
To confirm compliance with a new Water and Wastewater By-law (No. 125-14) and to help reduce the risk of contaminants in our drinking water, Richmond Hill’s Water and Wastewater Division is implementing a Backflow Prevention Program for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) property owners and businesses. This Program will take place during the next three years.

Please Note: This program does not apply to residential property owners.

What Does This Mean to You?
Richmond Hill's drinking water is clean and safe to drink. This Program will help ensure it stays that way through annual maintenance and testing.

There are two phases involved in this Program that are initiated after you receive a letter from Richmond Hill. The first phase requires all property owners/business operators (including industrial, commercial and institutional) in Richmond Hill to complete a Cross Connections Survey and have existing backflow devices tested. This will help staff determine the type of property you own and its use, as well as its risk level. You will receive a letter from Richmond Hill with more detailed information about Phase One.

In Phase Two, property owners will be notified by Richmond Hill about the next steps required (if any, based the survey and test results).

  • Property Owner Step-by-Step Process [PDF]
  • Backflow Prevention Test Report [PDF]
  • Backflow Cross Connection Control Survey Report [PDF]
  • Backflow Prevention Qualified Person Requirements [PDF]

    As per Richmond Hill's Tariff of Fees By-law, there is a $55 (plus HST) backflow compliance processing fee (one per facility). This fee should be paid at the Operations Centre (1200 Elgin Mills Road East). Once paid, you will receive a test tag to be affixed to the Premise Isolation Backflow Device.

    Please note that this work is mandatory and will benefit not only you, your family and the workforce, but the community as a whole, because it enables Richmond Hill to continue providing quality drinking water and it ensures the proper upkeep and maintenance of the drinking water management system.

    If you have questions or require more information about By-law 125-14 and Richmond Hill’s Backflow Prevention Program, contact the Backflow Prevention Officer at 905-780-2915 or Your cooperation regarding this project is greatly appreciated.


    A Cross Connection is a permanent or temporary plumbing connection between drinking water systems and plumbing systems/fixtures that can contain liquids other than drinking water (i.e., gases, non-potable water, and other liquid substances). These connections are very common and occur in every type of property that is industrial, commercial, institutional and residential. Some are more hazardous than others.

    Backflow causes water to flow in the opposite direction in a water piping system.

    Backflow devices are mechanical valves that work to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction.

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