Environment and Sustainability

Our "environment" refers to all of the natural surroundings and resources in Richmond Hill that we depend on to survive: fresh air, clean water and protected natural lands. These resources play a vital role in our community and our lives by supporting the quality of life that we value and enjoy.

“Sustainability” refers to our relationship with our environment. Under a sustainable approach, our community’s economic and social activities support the environment so it may continue to provide a foundation for healthy living – today and for generations to come. 

We encourage you to browse through this section to learn about what we're doing to protect the environment, how you can get involved and what you can do in your daily life to help.

Environment Strategy Scorecard and Update

Richmond Hill’s Environment Strategy, "Greening the Hill: Our Community, Our Future", was approved in 2014. The Strategy provides context and coordination for the City and the community to protect, enhance, and restore the natural environment. In 2021:

  • We released our Environmental Scorecard!  This brief document captures progress and trends from the first five years of Greening the Hill (2015-2019). 
  • We're beginning the process of updating the Environment Strategy – and we need your input!

Learn about Richmond Hill’s climate change programs.