Human Resources Division

Human Resources is committed to working together with management and staff to identify and respond to their changing needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional public service, quality services and guidance by being responsive, knowledgeable, accountable and sensitive to the needs of staff and the public.

We deal with issues related to people, including: safety; wellness; benefits; disability management; compensation; hiring; performance management; training and development; labour and employee relations; policy; and administration. The HR team members are experts in their field and committed to the continuous development, wellness and success of each individual at Richmond Hill.

Our role is to provide strategic human resources solutions to meet the goals and challenges of Richmond Hill and its employees. HR serves as an advisor and consultant, and is committed to providing high-quality, consultative services.

Richmond Hill's Human Resources Division in responsible for the policies and programs covering a number of areas, including:

Recruitment, selection and staffing

Hiring the right employees is essential for providing exceptional public service. The Human Resources Division manages the recruitment and selection of municipal employees in a number of ways. In collaboration with our hiring managers we continue to grow our team of talented people.


Jobs within Richmond Hill are evaluated to help us understand what a job involves and to make sure that salaries and wages are fair. Staff job evaluation committees evaluate jobs using a points system.

The Human Resources Division designs policies, programs and procedures to make pay systems for wages and salaries. These policies and programs make sure our staff are given fair wages and salaries that meet federal and provincial regulations.

Employee Health and Benefits

We place great value in our employees and their well-being. Comprehensive and competitive benefit plans and employee wellness programs are available to eligible employees.

Learning and Employee Development

The continued growth and development of our valued employees is key to maintaining Richmond Hill's delivery of exceptional public service. We strive to educated, inspire and empower staff at all levels. We are proud to offer a variety of programs that facilitate continuous learning for all staff, including health and safety, computer, leadership development, and more.

Disability Management Services

We focus on assisting all workplace parties (e.g. employees, management, union, WSIB/STD/LTD Case Managers, etc.) in returning disabled employees to health, work and productivity in a safe and timely manner with or without employment accommodation. We also support disability management and accommodation program development, implementation and management.