Front Yard Parking

Front yard landscaping and driveway requirements are currently regulated by the Front Yard Parking and Driveway Apron By-law (By-law 84-03) which was enacted in 2003. Additional driveway requirements were implemented via the Driveway By-law (By-law 117-08) in 2008.

Front yard parking, driveway and landscaping regulations are currently under review through the City’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law. You can submit comments to this review using the comment form available at the following link: Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review.

Driveway Standards

Driveway widths are measured by measuring the width of the driveway “apron” (i.e., the width of the area between the road and the sidewalk) and the width of the curb cut at the road. Maximum residential driveway widths are as follows:

Lot Width Maximum Driveway Width
Less than 9 m 3 m
9 m to less than 18 m 6 m
18 m to less than 30 m 9 m

Front Yard Landscaping Standards

A minimum of 45 per cent of the front yard of a residential property must be “landscaped.” Landscaping may include any combination of vegetation (e.g., trees, shrubs, flowers) or surfacing materials (such as unit pavers, patio stones, concrete or interlock).