Planning Studies

Richmond Hill organizes and uses studies to plan for future growth and services in our community. Click on the tabs below to view the plans and studies.

City-wide Studies

City-wide studies and guidelines apply to all of Richmond Hill and focus on a variety of topics:

Secondary Plans 

Secondary plans direct future development for specific areas in Richmond Hill. The plans provide policies on land use, urban design and transportation. Usually, they are added to Richmond Hill's Official Plan:

Tertiary Plans 

A Tertiary Plan is a detailed land use study for a smaller geographic area of Richmond Hill. A tertiary plan typically provides direction on land use, urban design, specific development standards, for a specific area of Richmond Hill.

Infill Studies

Infill studies direct future development in important infill areas - land in already developed areas of the community. These studies look at where and how development can happen over the long term.

Other Area Specific Studies

Richmond Hill has a number of other area specific studies and guidelines, including:

If you would like a copy of any of the listed documents, please contact