Cultural Plan

Richmond Hill's Cultural Plan was approved by Richmond Hill's Council in December 2011. The vision of the Cultural Plan states: "Richmond Hill is admired as a vibrant community in which culture is a part of all facets of the City's planning and decision-making; where diversity, gender and age are reflected in all aspects of cultural expression; and where an authentic and distinctive identity inspires a creative spirit."

The Plan will guide cultural development over ten years through goals and recommended actions. We are working with business and community partners to reach these cultural goals. The goals of Richmond Hill's Strategic Plan also shaped the Cultural Plan.

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What is Culture?

Richmond Hill's Cultural Plan includes the following, broader definition of culture:

"Culture is both the expression and celebration of the values and aspiration of a community. This is done through all manner of human activities that characterize a community and its people and shape its unique sense of place. It includes the sharing of ideas; learning through individual and locally authentic community expression in the fine, visual, literary, media, material and performing arts; heritage and the shared experiences of history."

What are the Cultural Plan's Goals and Recommendations?

Goal One - Demonstrated Leadership

We plan to demonstrate leadership by:

  • Reviewing the mandate of corporate cultural resources
  • Starting an ongoing interdepartmental Culture Team
  • Starting and continuing with a Cultural Council
  • Holding issue-based community forums
  • Reviewing the Mayor's Endowment Fund and establishing a permanent Community and Cultural Grant program
  • Strengthening and expanding cultural mapping
Goal Two - A Dynamic Cultural Sector

We plan to form a dynamic cultural sector by:

  • Hosting an annual Cultural Summit
  • Assisting the cultural sector through business development and technical services
  • Building support for culture in the private sector
  • Improving festivals and events planning
  • Preparing a Cultural Heritage Strategy
  • Building capacity among non-profit cultural organizations
  • Improving partnerships with The Richmond Hill Public Library
Goal Three - An Inclusive Cultural Community
We plan to make an inclusive cultural community by:
  • Developing an inclusive community programs calendar
  • Engaging more youth in culture
  • Creating a cultural fusion event for youth
  • Expanding programming for all ages and backgrounds
Goal Four - Places and Spaces for Culture

We plan to improve cultural-based places and spaces by:

  • Developing a Public Art Master Plan
  • Creating a detailed inventory of cultural spaces and facilities
  • Improving cultural districts and corridors
  • Developing affordable and accessible spaces
  • Exploring the idea of a creative or shared cultural hub
Goal Five - A Celebrated Story
We plan to celebrate Richmond Hill's cultural stories by:
  • Communicating cultural success stories
  • Profiling cultural icons
  • Launching a Richmond Hill cultural portal
  • Creating a Richmond Hill cultural brand and marketing effort
  • Expanding the use of the Cultural Plan website
  • Reviewing and updating the Cultural Plan

How is the community involved in the Cultural Plan?

The Cultural Plan was developed following an extensive  consultation process. The result is that the plan reflects the needs, aspirations and vision of the community. Community members continued to be engaged through the Cultural Leadership Council. 

Cultural Leadership Council
The Cultural Leadership Council (CLC) has 22 members and supports our Cultural Plan. Members of the CLC serve a two-year term and come from different areas of the Richmond Hill community, including:
  • Local artists

  • Representatives from arts and cultural community groups

  • Residents from a variety of backgrounds

  • Residents from the creative industries

  • Youth

Learn more about the CLC Terms of Reference.

Contact the Cultural Services Coordinator for more information or call 905-508-7012, ext. 228.

How are you measuring success of the Cultural Plan?

Each year, Richmond Hill publishes an Annual Report on Culture to report on the progress of the Cultural Plan. We also host the Cultural Summit, which features an Annual Cultural Plan update.