Tree Cutting Permit

Richmond Hill works to protect our community's trees which are important for our quality of life today and for the future. We control the removal of trees on private property through our Tree Preservation By-law. This by-law requires that you obtain a permit before removing or injuring any tree with a diameter at breast height of 20 cm or more (see the image below, which shows that a tree's diameter at breast height is measured at 1.4 metre above the ground).

Apply online

Permit for Injury or Destruction of Trees - Apply and Pay Online

If you require a printable verison of the form, please email

Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan applications provide Tree Inventory and Preservation Plans prepared by an Arborist to remove/replace trees, which are reviewed by the Park and Natural Heritage Planning section as part of the Planning process. Trees on development sites with active Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan applications do not require a separate Tree Permit. 


Your application must include a non-refundable fee of $157 +HST for the first tree. Each additional tree will cost you $55 +HST each, to a maximum of $432 +HST.

Tree Replacement - Notice of Fulfillment

To notify the City when the tree replacement replanting condition associated with your tree permit has been fulfilled, and/or to make a cash-in-lieu payment, please complete the form at the link below.  In order to initiate the tree replacement review, the online form must be completed entirely.

Tree Replacement - Apply and Pay Online

Report illegal tree removal

Report suspected illegal tree removal to Richmond Hill's By-law and Licensing Enforcement section at 905-771-0198.

More information

Please see Tree Preservation Information to learn more about:

  • Guidelines for construction near trees
  • Arborist reports and certificates
  • Arborist input during the five stages of the development process