Celebration Bench

Richmond Hill's Celebration Bench Dedication Program gives residents the opportunity to pay tribute to a person or occasion by purchasing a bench and/or plaque. This program utilizes both new and existing park benches found within the City’s park system. Donate a bench and/or plaque to celebrate occasions like:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Celebration of Life


  • Once an application and payment has been received and approved, staff will contact you to verify the location of the bench. Not all park areas are suitable for dedicated bench placement; however every effort will be made to try to accommodate the request of the contributor. The City reserves the right to determine and limit the locations of a bench.
  • Benches with a plaque will be installed by City staff in the designated area and will be located to coincide with the general scheme for the park.
  • City staff will contact you once the bench has been installed. Park benches will only be installed from May to November as this is the frost free period.


Cost varies by location and whether you would like to dedicate a new or existing bench. The following costs include both the plaque and bench:


Cost (Plus HST)

Plaque applied to an existing bench in a Destination or Community Park


Plaque applied to an existing bench in a Neighborhood Park or Parkette


New bench and plaque in a Destination or Community Park


New bench and plaque in a Neighborhood Park or Parkette


Park Locations

For a list of park locations within the City of Richmond Hill visit the Parks, Trails and Facilities Directory.

How to apply

There are two ways to apply:

  • Apply and pay online. Note that online applications must be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to the total fee at checkout.  

Celebration Bench Dedication Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is responsible for maintenance of the bench (cleaning, graffiti, etc.)? 
Parks staff are responsible for the maintenance of celebration benches in the same manner as other park benches. In the event that the dedicated bench and/or plaque is damaged or destroyed, Richmond Hill is responsible for the replacement.
Can I leave flowers on the bench?
Placement of wreaths, flowers and/or other items are not be permitted and will be removed.
How long will it take for the bench/plaque to be placed? 
Staff will contact the contributor once the bench has been installed. Park benches and plaques will only be installed between May and November.
Will the benches ever be removed?
Dedications will be recognized for the life-cycle of the park where the bench is located, which is generally up to 30 years. Please note that this date is limited to the park and not the bench.