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The Virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) for Red Maple Class Environment Assessment is now available. The PIC materials are available below for review.

What is a Municipal Class Environment Assessment?

A Municipal Class Environment Assessment (EA) is a process by which municipal infrastructure projects are planned, in accordance with the EA Act (2000).


The Class EA study is important to the decision making process for municipal infrastructure projects. The study evaluates the potential positive and negative environmental impacts of municipal infrastructure projects and includes road, water, and wastewater projects. It assists in the protection, conservation and wise management of Ontario’s environment.


The Class EA process consists of five phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1 –  Identify problems and opportunity
  • Phase 2 –  Identify alternative solutions and establish a preferred solution
  • Phase 3 –  Examine alternative design concepts and establish a preferred design concept
  • Phase 4 –  Prepare an Environmental Study Report
  • Phase 5 –  Implementation

Municipal infrastructure projects have varying levels of complexity and sensitivity to environmental impact, and as such, projects are classified in terms of schedule (i.e., Schedule A, A+, B and C). Depending on the Class EA Schedule, projects may not be required to complete all five phases of the Class EA process prior to implementation.   

Current Project

Red Maple EA

Project Background

City of Richmond Hill has identified a need to undertake improvements to Red Maple Road between High Tech Road and Highway 7. Red Maple Road is a collector road under the jurisdiction of the City of Richmond Hill. The road has a five lane cross-section with two through lanes in each of the northbound and southbound directions and a centre left-turn lane. The project limit extends from High Tech Road to the north and Highway 7 to the south, which spans approximately 450 metres. This segment of Red Maple provides access to Langstaff GO Station and other commercial, retail and restaurant uses via a series of full move unsignalized intersections.

Study Area

Red Maple Study Area Map

Public Notices

Notice of Study Commencement - February 19, 2020

Notice of Online Public Information Centre - October 29, 2020

Responses to Questions from Online Public Information Centre

Questions or Comments

Please submit written questions or comments to the contact listed below. For more information regarding submissions and the collection of information, please contact the Transportation Engineer at 905-771-5472 or by email at traffic.inquiries@richmondhill.ca.