Smoke Free Outdoor Spaces

Richmond Hill Council adopted a policy prohibiting smoking outside of an outdoor splash pad, sports field, playground or sports court (basketball, tennis, etc.) or within nine metres of any entrance to a recreation facility. 

The Policy came into effect on Thursday, May 1, 2014. Be sure to look out for the signage and breathe easy knowing that all of Richmond Hill's outdoor recreation facilities are now smoke-free. 

If you have any questions about this project/policy, contact Darlene Joslin, Director, Recreation & Culture, at 905-771-2423 or at

Smoke Free Ontario Act

The Province of Ontario passed new legislation that makes it illegal to smoke on and within 20 metres of all publicly owned playgrounds, splash pads, sports fields, tennis courts and basketball courts. More information about the new legislation can be found online via the Province of Ontario and York Region websites:

York Region Tobacco Control Officers conduct inspections to ensure all enclosed workplaces and public places are smoke-free. Inspections are also conducted at tobacco vendors to ensure that they do not sell or supply tobacco products to youth and that they adhere to display, promotion and handling restrictions. 

Complaints pertaining to violations of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act will be investigated. Calls can be anonymous and should be directed to York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653. For more information, visit