Clerk's Division

The City Clerk's Division takes care of items related to provincial laws, including:

The Office of the Clerk is also responsible for:

Administrative Services Section

The Administrative Services Section gives daily support to the Mayor and Members of Council. They are in charge of making sure that legal documents related to the Planning Act and other Council matters are completed. The Section has other jobs, including:

Council Support
The Clerk's Office also supports our Council by:
  • Managing and recording decisions
  • Running municipal elections
  • Providing support services to the Mayor and Council Office
  • Managing records
  • Providing legislative services
  • Providing administrative services
Legislative Services Section
The Legislative Services Section is in charge of the administrative duties related to Council and Committees of Council, including:
  • preparing and distributing agendas, minutes and by-laws
  • collecting information related to Council and Committee meetings
  • putting together Richmond Hill's Bulletin Board Page in the local newspaper
  • processing and maintaining all agreements and deeds
  • handling all other printing, mailing and distribution tasks for Richmond Hill
  • registering births and deaths
  • issuing burial permits
  • accepting requests for people to appear as a delegation at Council