Council Policies and Rules

Accountability and Transparency Policy

Council and staff are committed to being accountable and transparent in their actions on behalf of the community.  Council and staff must act openly, honestly, ethically, professionally, impartially and with the best interests of the City at the forefront of all decisions. For more information, view the Accountability and Transparency Policy.

Councillor-held Residents Meetings

Richmond Hill has a Council Policy for Councillor-held Residents Meetings. Councillors must follow the steps of the Policy for planning and holding residents meetings. These meetings discuss development applications next to regional roads and high-density development applications close to regional roads.

This Policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Community engagement - Council and staff are committed to high levels of community engagement to allow opportunities for a range of views to be heard on issues of importance to the community.

  • Openness and transparency - The sharing of information in an open and transparent manner is key to ensuring that all information is available during the decision making process.

Contact the Office of the Clerk if you'd like to view a copy of the Policy for Councillor-held Residents Meetings on High Density.