Fire Prevention

Whether at home, at work or on vacation, we all have a shared responsibility to keep our families safe from fire. Sadly, many of the fires that happen across Ontario every year were preventable.

Most fatal fires are unintentional and could have been prevented. Over 10 years, OFMEM Fire Investigators have determined that 51% were Unintentional/Preventable.

It's your responsibility to keep your family and home safe from fires. To do so:

  • Prevent fires before they start
  • Maintain working smoke alarms on every floor of your home and outside every sleeping area
  • Plan and practice a home escape plan
  • Consider installing residential sprinklers when building a new home or doing major renovations

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Commercial Outdoor Patio Fire Safety Tips

Owners and operators of outdoor patios and dining areas are responsible for:

  • the safe installation, operation and maintenance of their patio heating units
  • abiding by all safety instructions outlined in the operating manual for their heating appliances
  • ensuring staff understand how to safely operate the heating units and handle propane cylinders
  • ensuring compliance with any municipal requirements and applicable codes, and shall not create a hazard eg. enclosures, obstructed exist, etc.
  • ensuring all electrical installations are approved for outdoor use and comply with Canadian Electrical Code

Richmond Hill Fire and Emergency Services encourages all owners and operators to consult with TSSA's Patio Heater Safety Guidelines, the Ontario Fire Marshal's Outdoor Patio Fire Safety Guideline and NFPA's Outdoor Patio Heaters Fact Sheet.