Proclamation Policy and Application

Proclamations are issued by Council to recognize public awareness campaigns, charitable fundraising campaigns, and arts and cultural celebrations of significance to Richmond Hill. A proclamation may recognize a particular day, week or month.

Richmond Hill Proclamation Policy

Current Proclamations

Application process

All organizations and/or persons submitting a request for proclamation must complete an Application for Proclamation, which can be found at the link below. This application will be retained by the Office of the Clerk and will be reviewed as part of the approval process.

Application for Proclamation

Once a proclamation has been approved, the following communication will be carried out:
  1. A letter will be sent from the Office of the Mayor to all organizations whose proclamation request is approved.
  2. The Office of the Clerk will arrange to include notice on Richmond Hill's website on the Meetings page with a link provided to the organization's website that is related to the proclamation, where provided.
  3. The Office of the Mayor will prepare Proclamation Certificates upon request.
Not previously proclaimed request
When a proclamation request is received that has not been previously granted by Council in the last five years, the request will first be reviewed by the Clerk against the approved eligibility criteria and if eligible, the Clerk will place the request on an agenda for Committee of the Whole and/or Council for consideration. If a proclamation request is denied by the Clerk as part of the eligibility review, the Clerk shall advise the Mayor.
Previously proclaimed request
If it is determined that a proclamation request has been granted in the past five years, the request will be reviewed by the Clerk against the approved eligibility criteria and will be presented to the Mayor for approval. In the absence of the Mayor, the approval will be delegated to the Deputy Mayor.
Proclamation criteria
Proclamations that demonstrate an interest in or relationship with Richmond Hill and that demonstrate respect for the residents of Richmond Hill, including, but not limited to the following, may be issued:
  • Civic promotions
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Charitable fundraising campaigns
  • Arts and cultural celebrations
  • Special honours for individuals or organizations for special achievements

Proclamations will not be issued for:

  • Matters of political controversy
  • Religious organizations or religious events or celebrations
  • Individual conviction
  • Organizations or events with no direct relationship to Richmond Hill
  • Celebrations, campaigns or events contrary to City Policies or by-laws
  • Celebrations, campaigns or events intended for profit making purposes
  • Attempting to influence government policy
  • National, Independence or Republic Days

For further information respecting the Proclamation Policy and application process, contact Lisa Bogatko at 905-747-6406 or