Traffic Circles

Traffic circles are raised islands in the centre of an intersection. They slow down travel speeds, reduce the chance of accidents and discourage traffic from taking short-cuts through residential neighbourhoods.

How safe are traffic circles?

There are 32 points in a standard intersection where conflicts can happen between vehicles. There are also 24 conflict points between vehicle and pedestrians within a standard intersection. A traffic circle reduces that number to only eight vehicle to vehicle conflict points and eight conflict points between vehicle and pedestrians.

How do I go through a traffic circle?

Remember these steps when traveling through a traffic circle:

  1. Slow down as you approach the yield sign at the entrance of a traffic circle
  2. Yield right-of-way to traffic circulating in the traffic circle
  3. When two vehicles arrive at the traffic circle at the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right-of-way
  4. Drive in a counter-clockwise direction, keeping to the right of the island
  5. Exit the traffic circle at your selected roadway

Where are there traffic circles in Richmond Hill?

Traffic circles are usually found in newer residential subdivisions in Richmond Hill, such as:

  • Rollinghill Road and Glenis Gate
  • Rollinghill Road and Tower Hill Road
  • Tower Hill Road and Wicker Drive to Mockingbird Drive
  • Jefferson Forest Drive and Arden Valley Street
  • Jefferson Forest Drive and Shadow Falls Drive
  • Tower Hill Road and Selwyn Road
  • Selwyn Road and Hearthside Avenue to Alpaca Drive

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