Transportation Planning

Parking and Transportation Demand Management Strategy

The City is working on a Parking and Transportation Demand Management Strategy as an update to the Council-approved 2010 Parking Strategy Draft Report.  The Strategy seeks to align parking-related development policy with the City’s vision of building a new form of urban, affordable and transit-oriented community.

The Parking and Transportation Demand Management Strategy is intended to recommend standards, guidance and input into the City’s ongoing Comprehensive Zoning By-Law Review, the Transportation Master Plan Update, as well as the City’s Official Plan Update and related Secondary Plans.

Thank you to all who completed our parking survey. The survey sought feedback from current and potential future residents about parking space requirements for new developments. The input will help inform decisions about effective parking management practices for the City that ensure appropriate parking supplies promote sustainable transportation choices and help to reduce car dependency. 

For the previous Draft Parking Strategy, contact Planning and Infrastructure Services.

2022 Transportation Master Plan Update

Richmond Hill is updating its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to establish a future vision for all travel modes within the City to the year 2041. Learn more about the Transportation Master Plan Update.

Radar Message Boards

In Richmond Hill Radar Message Boards are used increase road and safety awareness of drivers in the community. They were introduced to the public in 1998. The radar on the Radar Message Board is aimed at oncoming traffic and records the speed of the vehicle, displaying it on the board so drivers can see how fast they are travelling.

Our Radar Message Boards let drivers know how much over the speed limit they are traveling. This will hopefully encourage them to slow down in these areas, making streets safer for pedestrians and residents in the area.

The Radar Message Board project is supported by York Regional Police. The boards are placed on local streets for a short period of time when residents request one. Call the Planning and Regulatory Services department at 905-771-8910 to request a Radar Message Board in your area.