Water Quality Report

Richmond Hill's water quality reports are available to the public. Ontario Regulation 170/03 states that these reports must be done each year. Richmond Hill's reports include information about water quality, how we get our water and our water works system.


View Richmond Hill's most recent water quality report:

View Richmond Hill's Water Distribution System Operational Plan

How to get a paper copy of a report


Call 905-884-8013 to get a copy of a Water Quality Report or view the latest report.


View the latest report in-person at any of the following locations:

Municipal Offices, 5th Floor
225 East Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

Operations Centre, Reception
1200 Elgin Mills Road East
Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M4

Central Library, 3rd Floor Reception
1 Atkinson Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0H5