Winter Information

Your safety is a priority for us. Below are a number of links and resources to keep in mind during inclement weather.

Winter operations and weather information

Emergency preparedness 

Recreation programs and facility status 

  • Recreation program cancellations and facility closures - call 905-771-5487 
  • Richmond Green Skate Trail conditions - call 905-771-5490

Power outages

Alectra is responsible for hydro in Richmond Hill. For information on power outages, please visit their website, call them at 1-877-963-6900 (press 1) or follow them on Twitter @alectranews.

In the event of downed powerlines, stay at least 10 metres away (the length of a school bus), and call 911 immediately.

Power Outage Safety Tips

  • If your power is out, make sure you turn off your oven/stove and unplug small appliances.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended.
  • Do not run fuel-fired appliances inside (propane and charcoal barbecues, generators, etc.)
  • If your power is out, run your taps on low flow to keep water moving and help prevent your pipes from freezing.


Should you see flooding on public property, report it to our Operations Centre at 905-884-8013. In the event of flooding on your private property, please call your insurance provider. If you are experiencing water in your basement due to a backup, exercise caution as the water may contain sewage.

In order to prevent flooding, ensure that catchbasins near your driveway are cleared to allow for drainage.

Report a Problem

To report a problem such as a broken tree, submit a service request online

Additional Info

Frozen Water Pipes and Meters 

During cold spells, some homeowners may experience difficulties with frozen water pipes and water meters. To help avoid freezing, here are some tips:

  • Make sure that you have adequate heat (at least 15°C or 60°F) in your basement during the winter.
  • Disconnect garden hoses and close the inside line valve to shut off the water to the outside hose bibs.
  • Use caulk or insulation to seal any leaks that allow cold air inside, especially in the areas near pipes.
  • Ensure hot water pipes are well-insulated - use foam pipe insulation, available from most hardware stores on pipes near outside walls or in crawl spaces and attics.
  • If you're away, have someone check the house to ensure the heat is on and that no problems occur.

Tips to Thaw Frozen Pipes

  • Locate the suspected frozen area of the water pipe (commonly adjacent to an exterior wall or where the water service enters the home through the foundation).
  • Turn on the cold water tap closest to the frozen area of the pipe so that you can tell when the water begins to flow again.
  • Apply heat to the pipe using one of the following methods: electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe, electric hair dryer or portable heater. Be sure not to direct heat on or near flammable materials, and never leave a temporary heat source unattended.
Driving near a Snow Plow
  • Always keep a safe distance
  • Avoid passing and if you must, only pass into a lane that is clear of snow and treated with salt or sand.
  • Avoid travelling beside plows because they can shift sideways after hitting snow packs or drifts.
  • Avoid braking suddenly in front of plows - they are heavy and cannot stop quickly.
  • Be aware that blowing snow and blind spots can obscure a plow driver's vision, making it difficult to see smaller vehicles.

Contact Information

In the event of extreme weather and/or emergency, it's important to know who you can contact. The following is a list of some important phone numbers for emergency services and contacts in Richmond Hill:


  • Call 9-1-1 
  • Emergency TTY line for the hearing impaired: 905-883-3664
  • Richmond Hill After Hours Emergency Response Centre: 905-771-8800
  • Report a Power Outage/Electrical Emergency, view Outage Map: Alectra, 1-877-963-6900, press 1


  • Richmond Hill Fire and Emergency Services - Non-Emergency and Dispatch Centre: 905-883-5450, ext. 5
  • York Regional Police - Non-Emergency Calls: 1-866-876-5423