Pre-Submission Meeting

Prior to submitting a Development Application, the Owner/Agent must have a pre-submission meeting with Development Planning Section Staff. The purpose of this meeting is for the applicant to present a development proposal on a preliminary basis so as to identify required materials for a full and complete submission of a development application(s). This is of assistance to both the applicant and the City as it identifies at the outset the submission requirements for a complete application and ensures applications can be processed efficiently. 

To arrange a Pre-Submission Meeting, please fill out the Request for Pre-Submission Meeting form and submit it with a preliminary concept plan to the Planning and Regulatory Services department. The preliminary concept plan must show at a minimum the following information:

  • property limits;
  • the location of the existing or proposed building footprint on the property;
  • any environmental features if applicable; and,
  • preliminary statistical information including: gross floor area, building height, density/floor space index, etc.

Once the meeting has been scheduled, a Pre-Submission Fee is to be paid to the City of Richmond Hill prior to the meeting (please refer to the City's Tariffs and Fee By-Law). This fee is refundable at the time of application submission to the City. The fee for 2021 is $631.

The following projects do not require a Pre-Submission Meeting:

Site Plan Applications for single detached dwellings are exempt from payment of the Pre-Submission Meeting fee.

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