Lottery Licence

You must apply for a licence to run a lottery event in Richmond Hill. Lotteries include a prize, the chance to win a prize and a consideration or fee to participate. Richmond Hill licences lottery events such as:

  • Bingo events with prize boards worth up to $5,500
  • Raffle events with prizes worth up to $50,000
  • Break Open Ticket events that aren't part of another licensed gaming event
  • Bazaar gaming events
  • Media Bingo

Applying for a lottery licence 

Pick up a lottery eligibility package from Richmond Hill's Office of the Clerk at:

225 East Beaver Creek Road, Ground Floor
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P4

Follow the package instructions. You can submit a lottery licence application once you're eligibility is approved. There is a licensing fee of three per cent of the lottery events' total prize value.

Are you eligible for a lottery licence?

Non-profit charities can apply for a lottery licence. Your group must fall into one of the following charitable categories:

  • Relief of poverty
  • Advancement of education
  • Advancement of religion
  • Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community that don't fall into any of the other categories

To apply for a lottery licence your group must also:

  • Have been around for at least one year
  • Have a place of business in Ontario
  • Demonstrate that its mandate provides charitable services to the Richmond Hill or York Region community
  • Prove that lottery proceeds are needed to help support your group's services or programs

Spending funds

The money that your group raises through a lottery event must be spent according to the Criminal Code of Canada, the Order-in-Council and the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming. Your expenses are monitored by Richmond Hill to make sure you are following the rules.

Contact our Lottery Licensing Office at 905-771-5514 for more information.