Municipal Addressing and Street Naming

The Development Planning Section is responsible for street naming, renaming, addressing and readdressing. A municipal address allows others to quickly locate properties and buildings and is essential for timely emergency services response.

The Method of Assigning Street Names and Numbers in the City of Richmond Hill is a document that sets out the City's policies for addressing and street naming in the community as follows:

  • Policies for choosing street names from Richmond Hill's Approved Street Name List, street name submissions and selection criteria for new street names; and,
  • Policies for street numbering and renumbering to minimize conflicts and to keep continuity

View the Municipal Street Naming and Addressing Guide for more information.

Getting a Municipal Address

Complete the Municipal Addressing Application Form to get a municipal address or to change the current municipal address of your property. Online applications must be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to the total fee at checkout. Hard copy submissions may still be made, please use this PDF form Municipal Addressing Application Form [PDF]

Municipal Addressing Application Form [Online fillable form]

Street naming

New public and private streets are to be assigned names from the Approved Street Name List. However, a proponent may make a request for a new street name for their proposed development. The general public may also make a request to add a specific street name to be considered for future use.

Process to add a new name to the Approved Street Name List:

  1. You must submit a written request to the Development Planning Section to add a proposed street name to the Approved Street Name List.
  2. The Development Planning Section reviews the proposed street name to make sure it meets the Richmond Hill street naming policies.
  3. The Development Planning Section prepares a report to the Committee of the Whole, including recommendations to approve or deny the proposed street name.
  4. An approved street name is placed on the Approved Street Name List and reserved for use within an approved development or for future use.

Complete the Street Naming Application Form to get the approved street name assigned to an approved development.

Street Addressing

There is an application and review process for street addressing and readdressing in Richmond Hill. The process and submission requirements depend on the type of property being addressed. All application packages must be made in hard copy format.

Vacant lands

The following street addressing process applies to vacant lands and lots created through the Committee of Adjustment or Part Lot Control Exemption:

  1. Submission of a complete Municipal Addressing Application Form.
  2. Provision of a Reference Plan describing the location of the lands.
  3. The Development Planning Section assigns a municipal address according to the City's policies.
  4. The applicant and other relevant agencies will receive an Assignment of Street Number Letter confirming the new number(s).


Process for street numbering of a plan of subdivision:

  1. Submission of a written request to assign municipal addresses for a new Plan of Subdivision.
  2. A description of the location and a copy of the plan of subdivision to be registered (or registered plan).
  3. The Development Planning Section assigns municipal addresses according to Council's policies upon registration of the subdivision.
  4. The applicant and any other relevant agencies will receive an Assignment of Street Number Letter.

Address Number Changes

The following process applies to number changes requested by property owner(s):

  1. Submission of a complete Municipal Addressing Application Form and the applicable fee(s). 
  2. A copy of the property survey or Reference Plan describing the location of the affected lands must be provided.
  3. The Development Planning Section reviews the request according to the City's policies for address re-assignments.
  4. Where the requested change is approved, the applicant and other relevant agencies will receive as Re-Assignment of Street Number Letter.